Your Online Business Vs. New Competitors – 3 Awesome Tips From Semalt

Opening an online store is a straightforward task. Opening a physical store can be a difficult challenge. It involves procedures like inventory keeping, ordering supplies buying shelves and paying for the retailing space. However, this is not the case for online e-commerce. Any individual with a simple basic knowledge can set up a startup and make a decent income out of the vast internet resource.

With this knowledge in mind, it is clear that any start up or mid-sized business that already exists can face stiff competition from new online startups. Most of these new competitors invest heavily on SEO and paid ads to gain a market share on an individual niche.

E-commerce business which has a long-term establishment can compete with such startups, following the tips provided by Nik Chaykovskiy, the Senior Customer Success Manager of Semalt.

1. Use Creative Marketing Methods.

Traditional marketing methods include banner advertising, PPC ads, and even product placement on successful stores such as Amazon and eBay. However, large enterprises use creative methods like paid referrals. For instance, a company can set up a gig, where they invite a customer to participate. In this participation, the customer can have the option of asking another one for a discount. Such referrals lead to more sales than paid PPC ads.

Content marketing techniques like tutorial videos to encourage existing customers. Social media marketing and email following enable sharing. Sharing is good for SEO as well as getting direct clients. In most cases, people share content to people who become customers instantly.

2. Provide Stellar Customer Service.

Offering top notch customer service is not direct for new competitors. As a retailer who has been in the business for long, this is the field where your experience comes into effect. For instance, one has a chance to give clients exceptional customer experience. In some situations, you can request the client for like on social media or even review on Google. Stellar customers can create awareness on their followers and earn you some new visitors.

3. Provide Unique Offers.

In most cases, the customers who go to a new competitor are your old clients. SEO involves sharing the search volume not drawing in more searchers. As a result, you need a strategy to get back your old customer base. A close-up email marketing can be a good strategy. One can start by thanking the former customers and offering a deal at a low price. In some cases, include a free offer for the item they buy. Once you win back your clients, you can return to the older marketing techniques.


Many entrepreneurs, who are carrying out an online business, face stiff competition from startups. People venturing to online marketing do tonnes of SEO techniques as well as when a shiny new competitor shows up to the scene, there is a decline in the traffic that was coming to your website. This phenomenon makes the whole SEO process tumble down as the competitor occupies a rank in the SERP results, gaining a share of your traffic. However, one can return the business to usual, and so competition can subside. With the tips above, you can win back your clients and regain your top position.